The Appalachian Hardwood Region

The Appalachian Hardwood Region is the mountainous area between New York and north Georgia with an approximate boundary at the 1,000 foot altitude contour. The boundary of the region includes 12 mid-eastern states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and all of West Virginia. The logs, lumber, and products manufactured from trees grown within this area may be certified as "Appalachian."

Appalachian mountain forests are remarkable for the variety of hardwoods they produce. Except for a few species that prefer the warm moist low lands of the south or the cold north, every commercial hardwood in the eastern United States is at home in the Appalachian mountains.

The Appalachian Mountains, which represent about 15 percent of the hardwood forest land area, furnish more than 20 percent of the total hardwood lumber production.

For additional information about the Appalachian Hardwood Region, contact Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc., P.O. Box 427, High Point, NC 27261. Phone: 910-885-8315.

Source: Lessons in Appalachian Forestry, Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc., 1997

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