Our History

Russel H. Downey founded Marquette Lumber Co., Inc. in South Bend, Indiana in 1919. From the beginning, the company was a manufacturer and wholesaler of Hardwood Lumber native to the United States and Canada. In those early days our sawmills were located in southern Michigan and northern Indiana and from these operations we supplied lumber to manufacturers and yards located in our areas.

Wholesaling lumber from other areas of the United States and Canada allowed our company to provide our customers with species of lumber that was not available in our immediate area of southern Michigan and northern Indiana.

In the early 1940s, Russ Downey was joined in the business by his three sons, Dixon, Russ and Dan. After World War II, Dan Downey stayed on with his father in the business as Sales Manager. With the passing of Russ Downey in April of 1953, Dan Downey assumed the presidency of the company and managed in that capacity until his retirement in 1984. During Dan Downey's stewardship the company greatly expanded its wholesale operation. The company moved its headquarters from South Bend, Indiana to Vero Beach, Florida in 1972.

In the 1970s, Dan Downey was joined at Marquette Lumber Co., Inc. by three of his sons: Dan Downey Jr. in 1970, Fred Downey in 1971 and Greg Downey in 1977. The three sons took over management of the company in January of 1985 where they all remain in various capacities.

Today, Marquette Lumber Co., Inc. has five offices and two lumber yards from which to serve its valued customers with the finest Hardwoods from the forests of North America.

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